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Hemodialysis Nursing by Joanne D Pittard MS, RNBlood & Uremia

Author: Joanne D Pittard MS, RN 

This monograph is the definitive reference for blood elements in end stage renal disease (ESRD). Also covered are anticoagulant therapy, heparin, erythropoietin therapy and many of the complications associated with accessing the arterial and venous blood compartments of the human body. This monograph contains medical and nursing material unavailable in other single medical, nursing, or technical book. There are over 70 graphics, formulas, tables and a posttest. A vital and necessary glossary of ESRD terms is included. A classic! Thirty (30) contact hours are awarded for continuing education upon completion of this monograph post test.

ISBN 1-892265-02-8.     
Earn (30) Contact Hours Continuing Education

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