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    Hemodialysis Training

                 A Dynamic Career in Health Care!

      Open to RNs, LVNs & Technicians


Course Description

This hemodialysis training program is a practicum, "hands-on," formal training program for registered

nurses (RNs), licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) and patient care technicians (PCTs) who are seeking a

career in the field of dialysis. Students learn to take care of patients on the artificial kidney machines.


This course is an intensive education for any direct caregiver in the field of hemodialysis. It provides all

usual skills required for employment in a dialysis facility. Hemodialysis is a growth industry, offering

many employment opportunities. This course is sixteen (16) weeks in length for both nurses and patient

care technicians. It combines both didactic and clinical experience. Instruction in the dialysis clinics is all

hands on and our facultys sole duty is to teach and supervise students in the clinical facilities.


Course Background

Hemodialysis, Inc. (Hi) is the sponsor of The American Dialysis College. The American Dialysis College

is a California for-profit corporation, which has been established in an effort to provide excellence in

the area of education and training in the End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) industry.


Hi has been directly involved in end stage renal disease (ESRD) since 1964. We have trained hemodialysis:

physicians, nurses and technicians since 1966. Because of a registered nurse (RN) shortage in

1970, we developed the standard for patient care technicians (PCTs) to supplement hemodialysis patient

care. We wrote the white paper describing this training as part of a California manpower study conducted

through USC Department of Medicine. We founded the California Dialysis Council (CDC) and

passed legislation for RNs and PCTs. We established the first hemodialysis college level training program

in 1975 at Glendale Community College in California.


ESRD is over a 20 billion dollar health-care enterprise in America and grows by over one billion dollars

each year. Dialysis as a health-care provider offers an almost unlimited set of employment opportunities

for many health-care workers.


John R. De Palma, MD, FACP is the director of the American Dialysis College. Dr. De Palma is responsible

for spearheading the move to formally train registered nurses (RNs) and Patient Care Technicians

(PCTs). He is the CEO of Hemodialysis, Inc.


Ms. Joanne D. Pittard MS, RN, Professor Emerita of Allied Health is the assistant director and course

supervisor of the American Dialysis College. Professor Pittard chaired the Glendale Community College

Hemodialysis training program for greater than 30 years. This training program was the most outstanding

college level training program in California and the USA.


We are committed to help meet the need for caring and qualified medical professionals who will then be

equipped to provide the finest patient care possible.


710 West Wilson Avenue
Glendale, CA 91203-2409
Voice: (818) 500-8736
Facsimile: (818) 500-9452

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